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Arthritis and low platelet count

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Low Platelet Count PaulaAnn. I go to my rheumy every 3 months and he did not mention it last time I saw him in March so I figured it was okay. Prednisone 5 mg, Arava 10 mg, Arthritis and low platelet count Acid 1 mg, Actonel 35 mg, and Enbrel what are side effects of nexium mg 2 x a week injections been on enbrel for 6 months or more. I do notice after showering that the veins are quite distinct. Not sure if that has to do with the ITP or what they call low platelet counts.

I am going on vacation for 2 weeks and a little concerned. I know I read that drs will sometime increase the prednisone to raise the platelet count. I will talk to my rheumy on Monday. Arthritis and low platelet count the enbrel helps my inflammation but may likely lower my platelets.

To answer your questions: Looking at the peripheral smear and possible antibody platelet testing can be considered if this is suspected. By itself, it is not a contraindication to travel, but this needs to be discussed with your personal physician, arthritis and low platelet count. A transient viral infection can also lead to low platelets, which is why repeating the test should be considered. A referral to a hematologist can be considered if the symptoms continue.

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Arthritis and low platelet count