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Compare razadyne and aricept

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The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care. I had brain surgery in to prevent seizures and now my memory is very bad. I took this medicine for about 2 months, but the compare razadyne and aricept dreams and leg cramps were just too much to handle.

I believe every medicine has side effects, we just have to pick and choose!!! Bird taken for 1 to 6 months March 26, He did well for a long time.

When he stared to decline again months later he was put on namzaric. Did great again for many months, compare razadyne and aricept. He now has had increase in aricept. Wishing this would last. Tahs August 24, Kay taken for less than 1 month August 18, The first week family thought we could see noticeable improvement.

By the end of the 2nd week she was confused and defecating in her hand which she had never done before. The doctor discontinued and after a few days she was back to where she was before starting the med. My advice is watch your loved one closely for side effects. Pehs taken for less than 1 month May 7, First day she was like a new person, clear thinking with memory, energy, and motivated.

Second day much less, compare razadyne and aricept, and was dizzy and constipated by 6th day. Now appearing more confused than without the drug. Not a good experience, will be moving on. Maple3 October 7, WTFman September 21, She had very few side effects and seemed less anxious. However, there was no noticeable change in cognitive function, which has deteriorated fairly rapidly, especially in the last 2 years.

It is hard to say whether the drug had any positive effect as I will never know what my mother would have been like without it. Carer3 May 18, Have had the vivid dreams others have described, also muscle cramps. Is am going to cut back on the Aricept and see if it helps SKC October 26, So much that it is a problem in the assisted living memory care unit he lives in and compare razadyne and aricept he has to go to a behavioral place to change his Medicene.

My dad taken for 1 to 6 months July 8, Prescribed Aricept 5 mg and Namenda. Found Namenda made compare razadyne and aricept agitated and angry so quit. Aricept restored my ability to read and gave me energy and focus I have not had in 3 years. Lower dose on most meds always works better for me. I do Suduko puzzles everyday. Eventually, I stopped taking this medicine because of leg cramps that kept me up at night, and I could not do Suduko as well.

Once I went back on the medicine, I could resume my puzzles. My pharmacist gave me Hylands for leg cramps and now I sleep better and am not so foggy. Dementia patient taken for 6 months to 1 year Compare razadyne and aricept 20, Medication has helped her be more alert, making longer conversations, better effect.

Short memory exists but her condition had not worsened. Will see neurologist to determine to increase medication to 10 mg.

Aldrich loop May 11, My mother-in-law had the same problem this year. She also had delusions and paranoia, which have been almost eliminated by a medicine she started a month ago, Risperdone.

If arthritis narcotics try Risperdone, start with lowest dose, it makes her very sleepy and a side effect is depressed heart rate, can be dangerous. It also stimulates appetite, which was good for Mom, she was losing pounds per week but the doctor cautioned against excess weight gain and concerns regarding diabetes.

She has vivid dreams and can not tell if they are in fact dreams or real. Anonymous August 2, I have noticed a significant improvement. I do not feel so much anymore as if I am walking around in a fog, compare razadyne and aricept. I have not had any side-effects at all from this compare razadyne and aricept. I am hopeful that it will stave off a rapid progression of this disease. Would not get out of bed, her mind was a lot worse than before she started taking it, compare razadyne and aricept.

A month ago she was put on 10mg of Aricept and after two doses was taken to the hospital, she was totally out of control and knew nothing of what was going on. It is not for everyone. He was started on Namenda for weeks and then Aricept, 10mg. Before he took the medicines, he was roaming at night and hallucinating. A colonoscopy is next. Could this be a side-effect? The pharmacist compare razadyne and aricept that it would take a little while to get out of her system, compare razadyne and aricept.

I did see a major improvement in her short term memory! Maybe the drug makers could alter the recommended dosage to once a week since this seems to be a build up before we see the delusions happen. Cajunchick September 21, Delgado July 16, A doctor suggested Aricept. Apparently it works for different things. Because of the surgery my short term memory is out. Long term memory is still there. Denise November 24, Caffeine seems to add to the problem so we are reducing her coffee. She also seems to get better when she exercises walking.

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Compare razadyne and aricept