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Antibiotics to give a puppy. Common Questions and Answers about Antibiotics to give a puppy, puppy antibiotics age. All the licking and scratching can also lead to infection Expressing them is a simple puppy antibiotics age Your puppy will thank you for it Not to sound mean, puppy antibiotics age, but maybe this is puppy antibiotics age a good time for you to have a puppyfinancially, puppy antibiotics age.

Your pup needs a series of shots also. Would hate to see you dealing with Parvo or Distemper, puppy antibiotics age. You really need to take a fresh stool sample to a Vet to determine what type of worms you ate dealing with.

Most likely Round worm but it could be Taoe worm, etc. Maybe someone can loan you the money or a Vet will let you make payments. You may want to try taking your puppy to another vet. A second opinion never hurts but this time it could mean the difference between life and death for your puppy.

I am so sorry you waited such a long time for a reply. How is your puppy doing? You are already doing all you can to help her and she is struggling but fighting back bless her. It sounds like the treatment protocol was helping. But something else has broken through here, puppy antibiotics age. She may need a different antibiotic, puppy antibiotics age, or a longer course? Definitely at least call the vet back and talk to him about these new problems.

No puppy antibiotics age he will want you to bring her in for examination. If you are in the US, then we are just starting a four-day weekend, and it might be good to get some input as to what to do about the antibiotics. You also need to know what to do about the prednisone, since sudden withdrawal can cause symptoms. So maybe you really do need to call the vet. Hi Everyone, I took into my care a 6 week old puppythat was nearly dead due to hook worms I immediately brought him to a local vet that was on call that night But, when I picked him up from the vet his back right leg was stiff and his two left legs were not functioning properly.

Vet gave ivermectin shot and told me to dip him in puppy antibiotics age once a week. Then next week give him an advantage multi a day after his dip. The box says not to use it on puppies under 12 weeks, puppy antibiotics age, but the vet said to do it and I did. Getting a lot of grief from people at the shelter who say I should use a lyme-sulfur dip.

I am not a vet and neither are they so I hate to just change the treatment. He is also on an antibiotic. I am older and have very thin skin, and I bleed quite a bit. Before I realized he broke the skin I tried to talk to the man.

I went inside and looked down and I had blood on my shirt and arm, puppy antibiotics age. I have never had anything like this before, especially to come on so fast. First off, is she up to date on all her shots?

Puppy antibiotics age the visiting dog sick at all? She may just be worn out and missing the playmate and puppies often sleep a lot. I think the weather is probably the cause of the reluctance to go out, puppy antibiotics age.

Any vomiting, bad stools, lack of eating and drinking would warrant a check up with the Vet. These symptoms can be from a number of serious ailments. Dehydration alone, From vomiting can kill a puppy quickly.

There is nothing you can do at home to help this little guy. Give her about half a syringe four times a day. Also, get a tube of something called NutriCal. Your vet will sell it as well, but they also sell it at PetSmart. She sleeps a hours at a time, gets up to walk around a little bit, and lays back down.

Oftentimes she looks dazed and confused. Right now I am force feeding her Nutra-Cal Puppy 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp at night. She vomitted it the a few times, when I was feeding 2 tsp, but with 1 tsp each she seems fine. Sometimes you just need a different set of eyeballs on the problem to get to the bottom of it, puppy antibiotics age. And please do come back and let us know what happens. I am just really worried about my puppy. So I have a six months Siberian Husky that I got from puppy antibiotics age friend who had to leave him puppy antibiotics age antibiotics two infections because she was moving away, puppy antibiotics age.

When I got the husky, he was three months old, very active, cheerful, and happy. But a month after I got him, I noticed that he had red patches in his nose and paws. My vet diagnosed him with demodex. He took antibiotics and had weekly dips for three weeks, puppy antibiotics age. Well to my saddness, Punchy is a critical stage of renal puppy antibiotics age. Over all, I am praying that Punchy beats the odds and makes some kind of recovery.

Please if any one has experience any puppy antibiotics age like this with their puppy, please give me hope. Time will tell whether it was just an infection or whether there is a genetic trigger to the kidney issue, puppy antibiotics age.

Personally, I would treat her as a normal puppybut continue to be observant, cautious and maintain the current diet and supplement regime for at least 6 months. On top of that, I would certainly have her bloods and urinalysis checked every 3 months for the next year. They need to go to the vet first and most important if you could not afford a vet why get two puppy if you got them from a breeder then you had to pay for them so you have money to by them but to take them to the vet when the are sick second they are too young to be way from thier mom b shame on your breeder for selling and giving them to you so young they do not know what they are doing t who gives 5 week old puppy sandwiches from a gas station stupid wrong and can make these puppies sick.

If it is a swollen lymph node, it is reacting to an infection somewhere in the body or a cancer although less likely in a puppy. It could be a swollen salivary gland, thyroid gland, etc. What state do you live in? Depending on the region, things like a fungal infection blastomyces or coccidioides could cause a lump anywhere in the skin. She will win him over eventually. As I said, though, ultimately the decision will be up to you and your husband. I tend to puppy antibiotics age with your hubby on this.

If you do bring in a new puppy, please show us a picture of the little fuzzer! So my puppy had parvo about three to four weeks ago, he stayed with them for about four days to get treated. Plop a big heaping tablespoonful of it on top of her other food and see what happens. If she likes it, gradually increase it to a half a cup or so, twice a day. Keep that up for a few days and assess. It may not totally cure her. You probably will still have to do some detective work to figure out what is the basic cause of the problem.

Bless my little buddie Hopefully they will get back to me soon and will be able to help a little bit. There are so many conditions related to anemia they are to much to list. Some are not serious and some are. The fact that neither Vet felt your puppy needed a blood transfusion and sent him home tells me that this should not be serious. I will await your reply. We got new antibiotics, puppy antibiotics age, cough tablets and a pill to help him with nausea.

He was all better. Today I took him to work with me, they had a 2 yr. H started coughing just a few times towards te end of he day, puppy antibiotics age. Now his head feel like he as a fever Can I puppy antibiotics age him a baby aspirin or half of one?

I would like to know this for future reference. Did the Vet know what caused it? If you continue to give this puppy the good care you have been doing, I think he will be fine.

May sure puppy antibiotics age has fresh water at least 7 to 8 times of day, puppy antibiotics age puppies dehydrate because of their constant growth and activities. I think you are doing a great job Jessica. I almost want to just let her be for a while and give her a break from all this.


Puppy antibiotics age