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The game plan disc art

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Optical discs have been the chosen media of the gaming industry for over 20 years and have been used in dozens of consoles. The number of candidates for this list was surprisingly small, however. Compact discs cause a number of problems for graphic designers. Publishers give a lot of attention to the box art of their games, but disc art is seldom given a second thought. Mortal Kombat has undergone many significant changes over the years.

The roster has expanded, the gameplay has evolved, and the entire series was even given a soft reboot. The logo has remained largely unchanged, however, and is pretty much the most consistent thing in the entire franchise.

The round logo is a perfect fit for a disc, but it took nine entries in the series before a publisher realized it. The Wind Waker was unfairly maligned when it was announced at the Space World show, but most gamers were able to take a step back and acknowledge how breathtakingly beautiful the game was after the dust had settled. The cover of the disc reflects the whimsical nature of the game and also highlights its central theme.

Even someone who is unfamiliar with the game could look at the disc and figure out that the adventure involved sailing around the globe and visiting various islands along the way. A lot of words that can be used to describe Pikmin 3 as a game can also be used to describe its disc artwork.

It almost makes me want to go outside and establish a connection with the world around me. The colorful artwork is gorgeous, and I really appreciate how the Pikmin themselves blend in with their surroundings. Pikmin have strong bonds with their world to the point that they can be considered part of the environment rather than simply being in the environment, the game plan disc art.

The artwork is nice enough to hang on a wall and the game plan disc art also serves as a perfect reflection of the game and its characters. It succeeds on all levels. Brawl features one of the most diverse rosters ever assembled in a video game. It would have been easy to fill the entire disc with as many character portraits as the game plan disc art, but Nintendo showed restraint, the game plan disc art.

Many iconic characters are represented, but most of the disc is covered by blank space. The design is defined by the Smash logo even though the likes of Mario, Link, the game plan disc art, and Pikachu are featured.

Rather than focusing entirely on star power, the design makes it clear that Smash Bros. Games have different box house plans architecture from one region to the next, and this is true of disc art as well. The minimalist style is much more enduring that most design trends. A CG render from will always look like a CG render frombut the simplicity of silhouettes are timeless.

Cropping the middle out of an image without hurting its aesthetic appeal is not an easy task. The solution employed by Xenoblade Chronicles is both ingenious and obvious. Graphic artists should look to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse as a textbook example of disc art done right. Rather than using generic character profiles or promotional artwork, someone designed a piece of art specifically for the disc.

OneChanbara draws attention to the hole in the disc rather than ignoring it. It was also a nice touch to repurpose the unsightly PlayStation banner as a perch. Some might be offended by the lewd design, but it fits the theme of the game to a tee. Special editions often include added content or physical goods to encourage customers to shell out more cash. The special edition of Resistance 3 included a Steelbook case and DLC voucher codes, but the most unique bonus was that its Blu-ray disc was made to look like a vinyl record.

It even had a ribbed vinyl effect! Resistance is set in an alternate s reality, so vinyl records are era-appropriate for the franchise in addition to looking cool. The disc communicates a feeling of pure unadulterated happiness. Yoshi and his pal Poochy look so excited to greet the player, and this provides ample encouragement to throw the disc in the game plan disc art join them in their adventure.

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The game plan disc art