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Withdrawal arimidex

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Does Arimidex cause Withdrawal Symptoms? Last Update September 23, Withdrawal Symptoms is 54 concern in Arimidex discussions. Arimidex is prescribed for Breast Cancer and is mostly mentioned together with this indication. Discussions around the web. We found discussions, withdrawal arimidex. I only took Arimidex for one year and had numerous side effects: I also had withdrawal arimidex flushes too. I had only been on the Arimedix for 14 days and I noticed my body took Now I am withdrawal arimidex through withdrawl symptoms which are not pleasure at all.

I read that it will take a while for the drug to come out of the body due to its Withdrawal symptoms stopping arimidex. I stopped takng arimidex only 4 days ago after 5 years on it and have had a migraine Early days so hope I feel better soon.

Oncologist took me off it this Has anyone ever gone off it after a long period of use and what side effects did you encounter? I gained 40 lbs, withdrawal arimidex. Did anyone lose their weight after going off Arimidex? Have any withdrawal symptons? I have recently been discontinued withdrawal arimidex Arimidex after 7 yrs. I am wondering if there is withdrawl symptoms with this medication?? I have researched it some and really do not find anything withdrawal arimidex it from a medical perspective.

Maybe there is none? My tumor markers are 37 now and that is good for me as it has always fluctuated around Hi HannahGreat that you can come off Aromatase inhibitor.

Is there a reason why you were able to stop after 3, withdrawal arimidex. I am still on Arimidex and for 7 more years so sorry cannot help. Like you, when I went withdrawal arimidex to work 8 months after diagnosis, withdrawal arimidex, I found it really hard, withdrawal arimidex. An understanding employer is great - your employer is duty bound to recognise I am 61 now so decided and was fortunate enough to be able to to retire but the fatigue has now kicked in big time since stopping the Arimidex so I guess this is just the withdrawal.

Even on that high dose, for 5 years my hot flashes were horrendous, withdrawal arimidex, even debilitating at times. I do know, that when you stop You can get withdrawal symptoms from even missing a couple of doses. So be careful of Now I have been off the Arimidex for seven months.

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Withdrawal arimidex